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Gearing Up for the Upcoming Holiday Season with Nutrition Coaching

Now that we have finished our Thanksgiving leftovers, we head into the December holiday season. Planning to avoid nutrition pitfalls is easier with some everyday tweaks to your habits. Beginning to think about these tweaks now will help you to feel like you are already working on New Year’s health goals before you ring in The New Year.

I’m guessing that you have already heard the suggestions that you stay hydrated throughout the day, begin with a healthy breakfast, and be prepared by bringing healthy snacks to your office to keep from indulging with unhealthy options. There is a difference between knowing what you should do and taking action so that you will actually achieve healthier goals. People tend to resist change and start to feel that the lifestyle changes they want start to feel like a big ask.

So, how can you think of that ask differently?

According to iPEC President, Luke Iorio, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, identifying how your fear shows up and then addressing that fear is key to getting unstuck. One of the ways Mr. Iorio identifies fear is the concept of When. When the holidays are over, I will change my eating habits, when the sun comes out again in the spring, I will start to exercise, when the pandemic is over, I will turn myself around. Fear often uses the when to keep you from achieving your goals. If you can determine that timing really doesn’t factor into your decisions to get healthier, or that you have used “when” in the past, it might be worth taking a look at what is holding you back.

Nutrition coaches work with people to help them develop strategies so that they are prepared to meet the challenge of taking action and making the desired changes. The Nutritious Life philosophy is a multifaceted, individualized approach that will help you take action in order to achieve greater health and wellness. If you would like to decide that when is now, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how you can live a nutritious life and be prepared for a better 2021.

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