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Transition Life Coaching

“The challenge doesn’t always come from within the household but at school, work, college, and with friends and family.” - Susan

Paving Your Way To Change

Every person goes through periods of transition. Some are natural to someone's chronological age, some are by choice, while other changes are simply not of one's choosing. Many people feel lost during these times. By thinking of change as a turning point, a point where something in your life changes direction, you can view this time as a way to gain clarity and become curious about next steps. By creating goals for yourself, you can view change as a way to move forward instead of an obstacle that needs to be avoided. 

Different turning points can be:

  • Graduating high school or college

  • Choosing a new career path

  • Moving forward after a divorce, or after grown children leave home

  • Facing a food allergy diagnosis for you or a loved one

  • Facing retirement

Throughout the coaching process, we will utilize tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals and find solutions:

  • Clarifying what you want - 

  • Assessing where you are right now -(During this stage you'll look not only at external circumstances, but also your own inner processes and habits that might serve to jeopardize your progress.)

  • Reviewing your resources and options with which you can draw strength and inspiration

  • Creating an action plan 

  • Instilling motivation and commitment - Keeping you on track

  • Celebrating successes along the way


Coaching is not about judgment - it is about you and tapping into your potential — living your life with more purpose, direction and balance.


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