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Susan's Story

Susan Freel Headshot

As a parent whose children were diagnosed with multiple food allergies, I learned that changing the way our family thought about how we lived our lives was the first step to ensure that our children did not feel they were defined by their diagnosis.


Due to my experience with my family’s food allergies, I became passionate about helping others find ways to navigate through their allergy diagnosis, as well as living a Nutritious Life through eating empowered.


Through coaching, I found a way to take my experience and help others live their lives in good health and nutritional balance.


  • MSW (Masters in Social Work) and MA (Masters in Human Development) from Boston College

  • Certified Allercoach(TM)

  • The Nutritious Life Studio (TNS) Master Certified

  • CPC (Certified Professional Coach) from iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching)

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