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Here is where you can find Susan quoted or mentioned in the media.
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Susan is featured on The Nutritious Life blog with article on Decluttering

Decluttering has improved my mood and my eating habits, and it has decreased my stress level.  Cleaning out clutter helps me move forward on many levels. Purging items I haven’t used, or are not likely to use, helps elevate my overall outlook.



Organized Kitchen Cabinet

Susan testified before the Rhode Island State House Health, Education and Welfare Committee about H-7254, a bill to require restaurants to list caloric content and ingredients.

"Certain Rhode Island restaurants and other food establishments would have to list the caloric content and ingredients of their menu items, under a bill introduced by Rep. Joy Hearn.Hearn,..."

 Read more in the Providence Journal...

Read Susan's article in The Barrington Sound about Food Allergy Awareness

"As the summer months draw closer, the East Bay will attract those who are longing to safely venture away from home and dine in East Bay Area restaurants and browse our unique shops.  

If you own/manage a restaurant, or have a store that serves food, know that Rhode Islanders, as well as tourists, have food allergies and intolerances and it is imperative to keep an accurate list of ingredients available at all times."

 Read more on page 20 of the The Barrington Sound

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Scott Bean writes about Susan in The Water's Edge (2018)

"I didn't want my children to be defined by their diagnoses," explained Susan.  "I also didn't want them to be embarrassed about keeping themselves safe.  Together, we need to strategize ways to live our lives the way we wanted to."  Read more...

Media Inquiries

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Media Inquiries
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