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Food Allergy Coach

What is a Food Allergy Coach?
Why you Need a Food Allergy Coach
  • People newly diagnosed with multiple allergies need more education and navigation in their lives other than a piece of paper that says “avoid these things or face severe illness or death.”

  • Allergists struggle with how to further help patients as time doesn’t always permit during the office visit.

  • ER & GP docs may not have a comprehensive education regarding food allergies.

  • Food Industry Professionals may never have received formal education related to food allergies.

Unlike other areas of personal growth, living with food allergies must be risk-free while transitioning to a safe and healthy environment. We must remember to pace ourselves. It is essential to identify goals to help us stay organized, while becoming an advocate for yourself and others to live allergy-free.


By using coaching techniques, we will explore new ways of improving your comfort level and interactions. This will help you transform your thoughts into awareness, allowing you to navigate through life’s daily obstacles and challenges.

What it means to be a

“Certified Food Allergy Coach”

Certified food allergy coaches are not only given the education on managing medically necessary diets but they each have personal experience. An AllerCoach(TM) covers the gray areas, after leaving the emergency room or the doctor’s office.  We help families, individuals, and institutions implement the day to day life management changes required for individuals with medically required diets to stay safe, live healthfully, and have a functional life.   

If you have food sensitivity, food allergy coaching can help.

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